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OpenDemo  v.1.0

OpenDemo creates open sourced computer games recordings (demo files) for 3D games like Quake III Arena. These OpenDemo files will be much better suited for machinima purposes, than the original propriatary formats. Works with Q3A, RtCW, SOF2, JK2,

Opensource Game Studio  v.32

The primary goal of The Opensource Game Studio Team is the creation of the free Toolset for creating the computer games, and also the creation of games with its aid. At present we developing the game engine, in which, we try to combine the best

Situation Flow Editor and Simulator  v.1.0

In computer games and interactive fiction, situations or dialogs are often linked together in a tree or mesh structure. The Situflow project aims at creating a visual editor and simulator for meshes of situations and the transitions between

Tactics Editor for Squad Actions  v.1.2b

The Tactics Editor for Squad Actions (TESA) is a strategy editor for computer games. It is fully customizable and not fixed for use on one particular

Tilemaster - Paint and manage tile sets  v.0.34

Tilemaster is a tool to create, edit and manage tilesets for (C)RPGs and other types of computer games. Tilemaster supports tile metadata and includes a simple tile/sprite editor as

Visual Scene Editor  v.1.0

This is a VSE - Visual Scene Editor. VSE is a tool for creating xml-based descriptions of 3D scenes for 3D computer games. It is written on C/C++, using MFC, STL and IrrLicht (

XPilot  v.4.5.5

XPilot is a multi-player 2D space game for both local and Internet gaming. Some features are borrowed from classics like the Atari coin-ups Asteroids and Gravitar, and the home-computer games Thrust and Gravity Force, but XPilot has many new aspects

GameCode++  v.1.0

GameCode++ is an open source C++ library designed to help programmers easily and quickly develop 2D computer games. The library is made as general as possible, such that any genre of game can be easily and efficiently programmed with GameCode++.

Flr vi RPG  v.1.0

A massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMO-RPG) designed to function like a table-top RPG, allowing players to use natural language naratives or commands rather than the strict subset commonly associated with computer games.

Open Gaming Rule System  v.1.0

Open Gaming Rule System (OGRS), is intended to be a completely Open RPG framework, for use in Pen-N-Paper or computer games. OGRS is very much in planning stages at this time.

Slide framework  v.1.0

A Library / Playground for creating 3D computer games targeting a clone of "Wipe Out".

Boom 9  v.1.0

This is a hybrid arcade/shotem'up game with puzzle elements borrowed from classic non computer games like rock/paper/scissors. Play a series of death matches against your opponents but be very careful in the guns you select!

StickFUBAR  v.1.0

StickFUBAR (Stick Figure Universe of Badly Animated Realms) is a series of extremely low budget and visually appalling computer games focused around the adventures of badly drawn stick figures within equally badly drawn environments.

AGI Workshop  v.1.0

A program which is intended to enable people to easily make AGI computer games, reminiscent of the old 80's style games, such as King's Quest or Space Quest.

Dragon Game Engine  v.1.0

Modeldriven Engine for reating computer games with loosly coupled sub-systems

Modular Game Engine  v.1.0

The Modular Game Engine project aims to create a framework for building and prototyping computer games. The focus lies on its ontological approach. Every object in a game is represented by a separate module. These modules share a common interface and ...

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